Hungarian PhD student extends ARVO experience in Colorado

Originally published in the Summer/Fall 2011 issue of ARVONews


A key feature of the International Chapter Affiliate program is that chapter affiliates send young vision scientists to the ARVO Annual Meeting each year.

This year, Anna Enzsoly, MD, represented the Hungarian affiliate (HARVO). Enzsoly is a PhD student at the Semmelweis University Department of Ophthalmology, working under the supervision of János Németh, MD, PhD, DSc. To further her training after the ARVO Annual Meeting, she visited the laboratory of Mark Petrash, PhD, FARVO, in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

She spent approximately one month evaluating ocular abnormalities in a series of animal models developed in the Petrash laboratory. During this time, Enzsoly became a part of the laboratory team by conducting her own experiments and by participating in lab meetings and discussions. 

She said: “Working with this group had an important scientific impact on me. Our discussions provided new ideas for my research, which I will continue in Hungary.” 

In addition to strengthening their scientific collaboration, Enzsoly’s visit cemented the cultural ties between her home laboratory in Budapest and Petrash’s laboratory in Denver. “It was a pleasure to have Anna come to my laboratory and share the skills she developed in her thesis work at Semmelweis,” says Petrash. “This is a great example of how ARVO is living its mission to enhance vision research on a global scale.”

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